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Universities and Colleges Processing Center provides a marketing platform for institutions to reach out students globally. This marketing platform uses both B2C, and B2B methods to market. A combination of traditional communication channels like TV, Print, Road Shows and new age tools around social media platforms like webinars, Facebook, Instagram Twitter, Google AdWords are used to promote and build brand awareness.

It also provides a service platform that enables institutions to outsource non-core and repetitive support services around marketing and operations to UCPC.

Why Choose Us?


The UCPC has come up with a streamlined and lucid process, which can help the universities and colleges in Canada to aid with their college admissions & enrolments. We also market, both physically and digitally
on behalf of the institution and establish themselves as a thought leader in the niche of education. This will help them to overcome their operational costs outside their country and reach to the other parts of the world easily.
We act as a link that connects the universities and colleges of Canada to the students along the globe.


Our Vision

Our vision is to empower the universities and colleges to enhance their global outreach globally, lower recruitment and related operating costs, and provide an exceptional experience to the students looking to study programs in higher learning institutions across the globe.


Universities Colleges Processing Centre (UCPC) core business is to provide recruitment to fulfilment services including marketing, channel partner management and back office administrative support services leveraging technology to enable universities and colleges to connect and engage with their prospective international students globally with ease.



Our core business



Value proposition

• Recruitment guarantees with no upfront investments
Leverage our marketing services to recruit students or student groups.
• Immediate bootstrap of your internationalization plan
Instant access to markets like India, China, Brazil, Vietnam, North Africa and West Africa
• Save on the learning curve, so do it right the first time
Gain from our local market knowledge and insights to establish a dedicated agent network.
• Focus on your core competence i.e. education.
Outsource your back office administrative operations leading up to the enrollment to us.
• Save on operating costs
Operations related to recruitment and enrollment are managed from back office in India
• Provide endless study opportunities.
Leverage our consulting services to establish pathways and credit transfers, articulations.
• More bang for money, optimize your marketing budgets.
Leverage our website development, maintenance, SEO optimization, and advertisement services to enhance student conversion.




Complete course “PHP”

2011 - 2013

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Complete course “HTML & CSS”

2008 - 2010

Track record

UCPC has been helping Canadian institutions of higher learning to recruit international students from emerging markets across India, China, Brazil, Vietnam, North and West Africa.

Over the last 7 years, UCPC has recruited more than 10,000 students internationally through its dedicated channel partner network. It has also supported these institutions in their back office administrative operations leading up to the enrolment saving them substantially in terms of operating costs.

UCPC is expanding its strategic partnership base with institutions of higher learning in Europe.


UCPC has come up with a streamlined and lucid process, to aid institutes of higher learning with their recruitment, and admissions. Services offered are as outlined below.

• Marketing and Recruitment
• Channel Partner Management
• Administration Process Management
• Post Enrolment Value Added Services
• Finance

Marketing and Recruitment

We give voice to your Educational Institution both physically and digitally with our tailored, innovative, and proven lucrative marketing strategies.

What does it Involve

From traditional marketing with the advertisement collaterals to digital marketing, both in search engines and social media, we help you to reach to the students, who are looking to join you up.

Here's a gist of each one of them

1) Traditional Marketing-
At UCPC, we still believe that traditional marketing still plays a vital role in the recruitment of students. We design and create customised collaterals like postcards, brochures, table books and etc, each of these collaterals reflect character and style of an Educational Institution that we are marketing.

These printed marketing collaterals can help to reach the targeted group of students easily. We believe, branded collateral and international distribution services aids in creating and enhancing brand awareness to the core.

2) Digital Marketing-
Organic Marketing:
With globalisation, it has become a necessity for every business entity to have a website, which in turn helps to reach the targeted set of people with ease.
We help to fine tune your website based on the norms of search engines and helps it to pace up in the rankings and make it visible in the first page of a search engine.

Paid Marketing-
We design, develop, strategize and execute the campaigns based on the requirement needs to accelerate the reach. Our comprehensive and customised digital strategy helps institutions of higher learning to reach, interact, engage and convert leads into prospective students. It also helps to keep them informed at all times.

3) Conversion & Usability
It is a known fact that about 80% of the education-related search queries end without getting converted.
Our A/B Fool-proof robust testing process will help you increase the conversions and also concentrate on the vertical of marketing strategy that fetches results.
E-mail Marketing-
We leverage our CRM system to send emails with informed updates that are really helpful for the prospective students and this constant engagement help us stay in touch build trust and convert them into students. Our e-mails are coherently sent following the AIDA (Awareness, Interest, Desire & Action) rule.

4) Content Marketing-
Content marketing is the one that is raising the bar of digital marketing and setting new standards. It completely relies on the levels of consumption.
It the era of snackable and actionable content, which can engage, inspire and convert. Also, at the same time keep the students informed and raise the bar of them.
UCPC, on behalf of its partners, crafts similar kind of content to publicise on digital and conventional channels, which can give your institution a push in the international market.

5) Social Media Marketing-
Social Media is the finest ways to get connected to the students and keep them engaged and informed easily. It helps to increase brand awareness, accelerate the rate of conversions, also effects on website rankings.
We handle our partners' social handles and publish almost every small detail of their educational institution that can help in the process of student recruitment.
We also respond to the students' queries in no time with our tailor-made social media listening tools.

6) Tech-enabled marketing-
Our technology enabled marketing involves the use of big data and AI to complete the process of student recruitment with desirable results.

Channel Partner Management

For each institution of higher learning that we partner with, we establish an experienced, separate and dedicated sales team headed by the Country Representative. This Country Representative has a team of Sales Representatives reporting to him or her. Having such a structure allows us to make each of them accountable for driving the enrollment goals and growth of an institution of higher learning in a systematic and dedicated manners. This team of representatives engage with Channel Partners including agents, sub-agents and educational consultants to evangelize the institutions and its programs.

Various demand creation techniques including road shows, seminars and advertisements are adopted to create demand. The Channel Partner network is leveraged to fulfill this demand that is created.

The sales generation is backed up by a strong backend Admission Processing to ensure timely service and responsiveness.

Admission Process Management

The process of administration involves plays a vital role in the student recruitment process, as it decides and determines your ability to make a conversion.

What does it Involve:

Every step in the process of administration is crucial. It starts with getting in touch with the student and ends with the student enrolments into their desired institute.

1) Enquiry Management and Student follow Up-

Our robust CRM enables us to track, store, respond, interact, and follow up to all the enquiries generated online by the students, and agents with ease. The level of efficiency increases the rate of conversion during the time of student recruitment.

This can help to:
• enhance the rate of retention
• lowers the cost per enrolment
• centralise the process of enquiry and respond to the queries at the earliest from a single point of contact
• measure the rate of conversion
2) Offer Management-

Interested students are issued pre-admissions or spot admissions within 24 hours.

This responsive in managing pre-admission offers helps to:
• accelerate offer to enrolment conversion rate
• understand the behaviour of the student and can analyse the decision around declining the offer
• reduce the turnaround time for student recruitment process
3) Admissions

Our well trained and experienced team of experts guide the students to complete process of admission. Our Admission support cycle involves various steps which help the educational institutes ease their process of student enrolment.

• The applicant pool is surveyed to the core to analyse the interest of the students. This helps to maximise the ratio of enrolment
• We reach out to the prospective students accordingly to get to know their interest and understand the conversion rate. The student follow-up is done based on it
• We provide counselling and explain the students about the programmes and institutions in detail. We ensure that the students are enrolled for communication alert programs so that they don't miss out the deadlines in submissions
• The submitted documents are clearly verified in a two-step verification process to avoid the last-minute rush.
• The verification process includes verification for completeness of the package and importantly, the admission experts verify if the profile meets the admission requirements that have been set by the institution of higher learning.
• Prospective students meeting the admission criteria are issued spot admissions and are asked to deposit tution fee into designated account
• Follow through with the channel partner / student to remit tuition fees to designated account
• Collaborate with the institution of higher learning to confirm credit of monies before processing admission

Post Enrolment Value Added Services

UCPC can provide to institutions of higher learning tailored post enrolment value added services that can help them smoothly transition international students into classrooms as they start to arrive. These value added services can be tailored for any stage of student life cycle as he or she pursues their education at your campuses. The core idea is that these are non-core activities (non-academic) that institutions of higher learning are comfortable in out sourcing without worrying to invest their time and resources to ramp up such activities.


Proper Financial Aid or Guidance is the first and foremost thing many of the students are looking out when they are planning to study abroad. UCPC provides appropriate and convenient financial aid considering the liabilities of both, the student and college/university a student wants to take up.

What does it Involve:
• Student interaction about the fee details
• Fee-collection from the student
• Providing financial aid if needed
• Instalment based Fee payment can be incurred if necessary
• Legitimate invoice and billing will be provided without any hassle


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